Continued Commitment to the Specialty®

Continued Commitment to the Specialty

There are three designations you may choose for your Continued Commitment to the Specialty®:

a.)  Donor Restricted to New Campaign - Research Initiative
b.)  Donor Restricted to the Endowment
c.)  Unrestricted, i.e., allowing the AAOF BOD the flexibility to use your support to fulfill the mission of the organization at their discretion. 

The choice is yours to make; however, if you do not make a designation, the “default” is to “Unrestricted”.

Pledge Option

This is either an initial pledge or pledge increase.

Century Club Option

An open-ended, ongoing commitment of a minimum of $100 per month, either by bank authorization or credit card.

FAQ's on Century Club
List of Century Club Members

Regents, Fellows and Founders

Much of the credit for the campaign recent success can be attributed to those 525 individuals who have pledged at the Regent ($25,000) level or higher. Their combined pledges account for more than almost half of all pledges from individuals.

Regents, Fellows and Founders
Regent Families



AAOF Regents Families

24 Regent Families as of June 15, 2011

C. Moody Alexander (SWSO/TX - Regent) & J. Clifton Alexander (SWSO/TX) - Father & Son

Thomas R. Bales (PCSO/CA - Regent) & Kathleen M. Bales (PCSO/CA - Regent) - Father & Daughter

Robert P. Campbell (GLAO/PA - Fellow) & R. Paul Campbell (MASO/PA - Regent) - Father & Son

Kelley Carr (GLAO/IN - Fellow) & Guthrie Carr (GLAO/IN - Regent) - Father & Son

Richard A. Collier (Dec. - Regent) & Brandon Collier (FRIEND - Regent) - Father & Son

Dwight Damon (PCSO-WA - Regent) and Paul Damon (PCSO-WA - Regent) Father & Son

Robert Fry (SWSO/KS - Fellow) & Jeremy Fry (Resident - Regent) - Father & Son

Michael A. Fuchs (MSO-SD - Regent) and Rick Wallace Fuchs (MSO-SD - Regent) Father & Son

Fred Garrett (SWSO - Fellow) & Dianne Garrett (Friend of the Specialty - Regent) - Husband & Wife
(Dianne made a Regent level pledge to the AAOF in honor of his 65th birthday!)

Edward R. Genecov (SWSO/TX – Regent) & Jeffrey S. Genecov (SWSO/TX – Regent) – Father & Son

Raymond George, Sr. (NESO/RI – Regent) & Raymond George, Jr. (NESO/RI – Co-Founder, with Kirsten Romani) – Father & Daughter

Tom Graber (MSO/IL – Fellow), Lee Graber (MSO/IL – Regent) & Katherine Graber (Vanguard Regent) – Grandfather, Father & Daughter

David Haas (GLAO/OH – Regent) & Maria Haas (GLAO/OH – Regent) – Father & Daughter

David Hamilton, Sr. (GLAO/PA – Regent), David Hamilton, Jr. (SAO/NC – Regent) & Todd Hamilton (SAO/NC – Regent) – Father & Two Sons

Anthony Harwell (SWSO/TX – Regent) and Anthony Harwell, Jr. (SWSO/TX – Regent) – Father & Son
George Kottemann (MSO/IL – Regent) & William Kottemann (MSO/MN – Regent) – Uncle & Nephew & Kraig Kottemann (MSO/MN - Regent-Vanguard) - Father, Son & Grand Nephew

W. Bonham Magness (SWSO/TX – Regent) & Marc B. Magness (SWSO/TX – Regent) – Father & Son

Raymond "Reggie" Noble (SWSO/TX - Regent) & Reagon Noble (SWSO/TX - Regent) - Father & Son

Reichheld Family Orthodontics (NESO – Co-Fellows) – John N. Reichheld, John N. Reichheld,  Jr. and Stephen James Reichheld – Father & Two Sons

Marvin G. Stephens, Jr. (SWSO/TX – Regent) and Corbett K. Stephens (SWSO/TX – Regent) – Father & Son

Michael Stewart (SAO/GA) & Melisa Anne Rathburn (SAO/GA) – Co-Fellows – Husband & Wife

Douglas Thompson (SWSO/KS – Regent) & Jeffrey Thompson (SWSO/KS – Regent) – Brothers

Terrence Wenger (GLAO/OH – Regent) and Ryan Terrence Wenger (GLAO/OH – Regent) – Father & Son

Kristine West (GLAO/MI - Regent) and Donald R. Burkhardt (GLAO/MI - Vanguard Regent) - Husband & Wife