Board of Directors

AAOF Board of Directors

  • David J. Angus, DMD - President (NESO)
  • Ross L. Crist, DDS, MA, MS - President-Elect (MSO)
  • Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE - Secretary-Treasurer ex officio
  • Chris Bentson, (Public)
  • Mark E. Berkman, DDS, MS (GLAO)
  • Robert James Bray, DDS, MS - National Planned Giving Chair (MASO)
  • Wanda Claro, DDS, MS - PARC Liaison (SAO)
  • Fred A. Garrett, DDS, MS - National Campaign Chair (SWSO)
  • Jeffrey S. Genecov, DDS, MSD (SWSO)
  • Myron D. Guymon, DDS, MS AAO Ex-Officio
  • Ryan Moynihan, (Public)
  • Lili Horton, DMD, MS (PCSO)
  • Katherine Alexandra Pischke Thomas, DMD, MS - Resident Director (GLAO)
  • Chris Puco, (Public)
  • Mark Rashidi, DDS - National Vanguard Society Chair (PCSO)
  • Orhan C. Tuncay, DMD (MASO)
  • Cassy B. Wiggins, DMD, MS (RMSO)


  • Jackie Bode, MA, CFRE - Executive Director
  • Cheryl Young, BS - Executive Secretary
  • Mindy Copp, BS - Specialist, Marketing & Communications

Left/Right First Row: Lili Horton (PCSO/HI Incoming Director), Jackie Bode (Incoming AAOF Executive Director), Mark Rashidi (PCSO/CA & National Vanguard Society Chair), Fred Garrett (SWSO/TX & National Endowment Campaign Chair), Cassy B. Wiggins (RMSO/CO Director), and Mark Berkman (GLAO/MI Director)

Left/Right Second Row: Chris Puco (Public Director), Lynne Thomas Gordon (AAOF Secretary-Treasurer & AAO Executive Director), Orhan C. Tuncay (MASO//PA Director), Norman Nagel (PCSO/CA & AAO Ex-Officio), Terrie T. Yoshikane (PCSO/CA Director), Laura Iwasaki (MSO/MO & Planning and Awards Review Committee Chair), K. Alexandra Pischke Thomas (GLAO/MI & Resident Director), Jeffrey Genecov (SWSO/TX Director), Chris Bentson (Public Director), and Cheryl Young (AAOF Executive Secretary)

Left/Right Third Row: Cassandra Scales (AAO Director of Finance & Administration), David J. Angus (NESO/VT & AAOF President), Wanda L. Claro (SAO/TN Incoming Director), Ross L. Crist (MSO/SD Director & President-Elect), Eric R. Nease (SAO/SC Director & PARC Board Liaison), Myron D. Guymon (RMSO/UT Incoming AAO Ex-Officio), and Robert W. Hazel (AAOF Executive Vice President)

Not pictured: Robert James Bray (MASO/NJ & National Planned Giving Chair)

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