About The Aaof Awards Program

The AAOF has defined seven Award Program priority areas:

  • Biomedical Research Awards
  • Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards
  • Center Awards
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
  • Educational Innovation Awards
  • Program Awards
  • Research Aid Awards

The funds necessary for these awards are the result of the Foundation's endowment fundraising campaign, Continued Commitment to the Specialty®.
View the committee's policies regarding Confidentiality of Information and Conflicts of Interest HERE.

2025 Awards Program

The deadline for the 2025 Award Proposals is October 11, 2024 by 5:00 pm CST.
Application Materials for the annual AAOF Awards, as well as the Accelerated Funding of Proposals (AFP) and COVID-19 specific Awards are now available on the new online platform (click button below to apply).

The Call for Proposals on the two following topics can be submitted through the Accelerated Funding Program immediately rather than through the normal funding process. This on-going funding was made available to address urgent needs for research funding. The applications can be submitted any time under the Center Award, Biomedical Research Award, Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award, and Research Aid Award categories. Please note on your application, in the title of your proposal if you are applying through the Accelerated Funding Program.

Impending Issues in Orthodontics
Business of Orthodontic Practice


Members of the Planning and Awards Review Committee will facilitate a virtual workshop to provide guidance on submitting a successful proposal on Friday, June 7, 2024 from 11am-1pm. Registration is required. Please CLICK HERE to register today.

View the 2023 AAOF Awards Application Workshop PowerPoint presentation HERE or

watch the live Virtual Workshop/Zoom Meeting, presented live on 6/16/23 HERE.


All applications must be submitted through our online process.


2024 Awards Program

Summary of 2024 Awards Program Recommendations

  • Five (5) Biomedical Research Awards
  • Six (6) Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards
  • Eleven (11) Research Aid Awards


Biomedical Research Award (BRA)

  • Phimon Atsawasuwan, University of Illinois Chicago - B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award (Synopsis)
  • Mohammed Elnagar, University of Illinois Chicago - Robert James Bray Biomedical Research Award
  • Elvis Lamani, University of Alabama at Birmingham- Robert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award
  • Lacopo Cioffi, University of Toronto  - The Fred & Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award
  • Thikriat Al-Jewair, University at Buffalo - Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award (Synopsis)


Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards (OFDFA)

  • Min Kyeong Lee, University of Illinois Chicago - Willie & Earl Shepard Fellowship Award
  • Sarah Abu Arqub, University of Florida- Robert E. Gaylord Teaching Fellowship Award (Synopsis)
  • Jonas Bianchi, University of the Pacific - Robert E. Binder Teaching Fellowship Award 
  • Heeyeon Suh, University of the Pacific- Anthony A. Gianelly Teaching Fellowship Award 
  • Ginny Ching Yun Hsu, Oregon Health & Science University - T.M. Graber Teaching Fellowship Award (Synopsis)
  • Michael Lee, Saint Louis University - Michael Matlof Memorial Teaching Fellowship Award 


Research Aid Award (RAA)

  • Alexandra Brown, University of Florida 
  • Nourah Abdul Kadar, University of Illinois Chicago (Synopsis)
  • Zainah Shaker, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Kenneth Stephen, III, University of Pittsburgh
  • Christine Esposito, University of North Carolina
  • Jason Poon, University of Pennsylvania
  • Tanner Godfrey, University of Alabama
  • Christie Shen, University of Pennsylvania
  • Thimanthi Withana, Nova Southeastern University
  • Yueling Zhang, University of Connecticut
  • Alaa Abdullah, University at Buffalo

Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection Project - AAOF Continued Support

Education Innovation Award

The Dewel Award is given to the most meritorious Biomedical Research Award.

The AAOF Board of Directors Award is given at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The Shepard Award designation is given annually to the most meritorious Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award.

The Burstone-Indiana Award is given to the successful applicant of the award each year and designated as a Burstone Fellow in Biomechanics.