About the AAOF Awards Program

The AAOF has defined seven Award Program priority areas:

  • Biomedical Research Awards
  • Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards
  • Center Awards
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
  • Educational Innovation Awards
  • Program Awards
  • Research Aid Awards

The funds necessary for these awards are the result of the Foundation's endowment fundraising campaign, Continued Commitment to the Specialty®.

2021 Awards Program

The deadline for the 2021 Award Proposals is November 13, 2020 by 5:00 pm CST.
Application materials for annual Awards, as well as the Accelerated Funding of Proposals (AFP) and COVID-19 specific Awards are available HERE.
For guidance on completing the application process, please view the AAOF Awards Application Workshop presentation HERE or watch the live Virtual Workshop HERE.

2020 Awards Program

At the February Board Meeting, the Board of Directors approved the following 13 Biomedical Research Awards, 1 Center Award, 6 Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Awards and 7 Research Aid Awards as follows:

Biomedical Research Award

  • Lucia Cevidanes, University of Michigan - Being selected as the most meritorious, this BRA is designated the B.F. Dewel Memorial Biomedical Research Award - Synopsis
  • Phimon Atsawasuwan, University of Illinois, Chicago - Robert James Bray Biomedical Research Award - Synopsis
  • Iacopo Cioffi, University of Toronto - Synopsis
  • Carlos Flores-Mir, University of Alberta - Fred F. Schudy Memorial Research Award- Synopsis
  • Andrew H. Jheon, - University of California, San Francisco - Synopsis
  • Yan Jing, Texas A&M University - Graber Family Biomedical Research and Teaching Award - Synopsis
  • F. Kurtis Kasper, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - The Fred and Dianne Garrett Biomedical Research Award - Synopsis
  • Do-Gyoon Kim, Ohio State University - Burstone-Indiana Biomechanics Award- Synopsis
  • Pradip R. Shetye, Univeristy of New York Langone - Robert L. Boyd Biomedical Research Award - Synopsis
  • Kyungsup Shin, University of Iowa - Synopsis
  • Achint Utreja, Southern Illinois University - Synopsis
  • Shankar Rengasamy Venugopalan, University of Iowa - Synopsis
  • Sumit Yadav, University of Connecticut - Synopsis

Center Award

  • Mark Hans, Case Western Reserve University – Ormco/”A” Company Corporate Center Award - Synopsis

Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship

  • Hyeran Helen Jeon, University of Pennsylvania – Being selected as the most meritorious, this OFDFA is designated the Willie and Earl Shepard Fellowship Award - Synopsis
  • Eliane Dutra, University of Connecticut – Robert M. Ricketts Sunflower Orthodontics Fellowship Award - Synopsis
  •  Dimitrios Michelogiannakis, Eastman Institute/University of Rochester – Subtelny, Baker, Eastman Teaching Fellowship Award- Synopsis
  • Rishma Shah, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Anthony A. Gianelly Teaching Fellowship Award - Synopsis
  • Marilia Yatabe, University of Michigan - James A. McNamara Orthodontic Faculty Fellowship Award - Synopsis
  • Bingshuang Zou, University of British Columbia - Robert E. Binder Teaching Fellowship Award- Synopsis

    Research Aid Award

    • Claudia Acosta-Lenis, Roseman University - Synopsis
    • Saro Atam, Stony Brook University - Charles J. Burstone Research Aid Award- Synopsis
    • Po-Jung Chen, University of Connecticut - Synopsis
    • Mary Morgan Bitler Keyser, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Synopsis
    • Shivam Mehta, University of Connecticut - Synopsis
    • Maysaa Oubaidin, University of Illinois - Chicago - Synopsis
    • Laurie Susarchick, University of Illinois – Chicago - Synopsis

    Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection Project
    - AAOF Continued Support
    Education Innovation Award

    The Dewel Award is given to the most meritorious Biomedical Research Award.

    The Shepard Award designation is given annually to the most meritorious Orthodontic Faculty Development Fellowship Award.

    The Burstone-Indiana Award is given to the successful applicant of the award each year and designated as a Burstone Fellow in Biomechanics.

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