Planning And Awards Review Committee - Parc

Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC)
While keeping the ultimate fiduciary responsibility of the Awards Program, the Foundation Board has delegated to the Planning and Awards Review Committee (PARC) the responsibility of reviewing the various applications and recommending which are to be funded, as well as making recommendations about any alterations in the Foundation's Awards Program. PARC is composed of nine voting members and one nonvoting member: Voting members of PARC are selected by the AAOF BOD from recommendations originating from the AAO BOT (through both the AAO COE and AAO COSA), PARC and from the AAOF Board itself. Individuals recommended by either council and nominated by the AAO BOT need not be members of either council. Typically, PARC members serve a maximum of two three-year terms. The Chair and Vice Chair of PARC are both determined by the AAOF BOD. The nonvoting member of PARC, who is designated the AAOF Board Liaison to PARC, is selected by the AAOF BOD from among Foundation Directors. PARC membership for 2023-2024 is Sarandeep S. Huja (SAO/SC - Chair), Sylvia Frazier-Bowers (GLAO/IN - Vice Chair), Veerasathpurush Allareddy (MSO/IL), Peter Buschang (SWSO/TX), Nan Hatch (GLAO/MI), Christine Hong (PCSO/CA), Wellington Rody (NESO/NY), Eric Kang Ting (PCSO/CA) and Sunil Wadhwa (NESO/NY). Wanda Claro (SAO/TN) serves as Board Liaison to PARC.

2020 PARC

Members of the Planning and Awards review Committee (PARC) and staff at the January 2024 Meeting are shown
front row L/R:  Nan Hatch (GLAO/MI); Brett Schott (AAOF Vice President); Sylvia Frazier-Bowers (GLAO/IN - Vice Chair); Sarandeep Huja (SAO/SC - Chair); Christine Hong (PCSO/CA); Sunil Wadhwa (NESO/NY); Mark Berkman (GLAO/MI)
back row L/R:
Mindy Copp (AAOF Staff); George Reinarman, Jr. (AAOF Staff); Eric Ting (PCSO/CA); James Klarsch (AAOF Board); Veerasathpurush Allareddy (MSO/IL); Wellington Rody (NESO/NY); Peter Buschang (SWSO/TX) 

Not pictured: Wanda Claro (SAO/TN - AAOF Board Liaison)