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AAO Foundation Research Initiative

dr-staff11The goal of the new Research Initiative, the current focus of the AAO Foundation's overall Continued Commitment to the Specialty® fundraising effort, is to realize $5 million in new pledges by December 31, 2015 or sooner, so that overtime and calculated at an average rate of return of six percent, this will result in an additional $300,000 restricted for orthodontic research.

"Since the Awards Program began in 1994, the Foundation has made tremendous strides in its mission to support orthodontic education and research."

  • Funding more than 369 research and fellowship proposals for an aggregate of $10.1 million, primarily for the development of junior faculty
  • Resulting in hundreds of publications, scores of lectures, dozens of tenured, associate and full professor positions (including 31 department chairs/program directors, and 15 NIH grants.)
  • 80% of Junior Faculty supported by the AAOF remain in full-time academics after five years.

Additionally, the AAOF has created the Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection Project (, an unprecedented collaboration of major orthodontic collections to not only preserve a portion of these irreplaceable, legacy collections, but also to make these records available for academic research and clinical purposes.

The proverbial next step is to focus on orthodontic research, and thus the new Research Initiative.

AAO members, as well as orthodontic industry, friends of the specialty and other members of the broader orthodontic community, are asked to pledge a minimum of $5,000, over five years, with this restricted for the Research Initiative. This can either be a first-time pledge or a pledge increase.

  • If you have never yet pledged a Continued Commitment to the Specialty®, now is the time.
  • If you have pledged a Continued Commitment to the Specialty® previously, thank you and please consider supporting this as well. (If you have an outstanding pledge, this can be added onto the back-end of your pledge.)

Yes, count me in.

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